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Fees and Payment Options


Costing for treating venous disease can be confusing. The following attempts to inform you in advance as to what is involved.

  1. The initial consultation. The consultation fee is at a specialist rate. A vascular ultrasound scan of all superficial and deep veins in both legs is required and the fee for this is at a specialist rate. These are separate to subsequent fees for treatment. Part of the consultation and ultrasound costs are paid through Medicare and extra out-of-pocket expenses contribute towards reaching the Safety Net threshold.
  2. Non-surgical "Out of Hospital" treatment. An estimate will be provided for the particular treatment recommended. Ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy (UGS) and Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) are in part covered by Medicare, and out-of-pocket expenses contribute $200 towards Safety Net once the Safety Net threshold is reached. ClariVein is a non-Medicare procedures and does not attract a Medicare rebate or contribute towards Safety Net. Veins larger than 2.5mm treated by sclerotherapy, with or without ultrasound guidance, are paid in part by Medicare with a maximum of 6 treatment sessions over a 12 month period. Veins smaller than 2.5mm diameter are not covered by Medicare and treatment attracts GST. The fees charged cover all medical, ultrasound and nursing services but not the cost of stockings. Private Health Funds are not allowed by law to pay for out-of-hospital treatment.
  3. Payment. Payment is required on the day of consultation or treatment. The practice does not use bulk billing. If an appointment is cancelled within 24 hours then a cancellation fee will be charged and no further appointments will be made until this fee is paid.
  4. Surgery. An estimate can be obtained for an operation including fees for the surgeon, assistant and anaesthetist, fees for the hospital bed and theatre fees. In-patient treatment is not eligible for Safety Net. In-patient surgery costs are partly covered by Private Health Funds as well as Medicare.
  5. Support garments. Support garments are required after any form of treatment. Private Health Funds may reimburse part of their cost according to whether there is cover for Ancillaries. Enquire from your fund and we will provide a supporting letter if required.
  6. Follow-up visits. It is the policy of the practice to charge the schedule fee for follow-up visits after treatment.

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