Venaseal Adhesive Closure


Venaseal is used to block off a main saphenous vein by passing a catheter up the vein introduced through a puncture needle under local anaesthetic with ultrasound guidance so as to allow injection of an adhesive substance. It has been extensively trialled in Europe and the United States over the past three years. Results published show a low risk of complications and excellent medium-term results. Two or more veins can be treated at the one session but no more. Visible varicose veins are usually treated by ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy (UGS) some 2-4 weeks later when they have decreased in size.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for Venaseal?



What should you do before Venaseal?

What happens during Venaseal?

What should you do after Venaseal?

What can you expect following Venaseal?

The following features are expected. They are not a cause for concern although they should be reported at review:

What are the possible complications from Venaseal?

Complications can occur even with perfect technique.